Printing Technology (Specification Pyramid)


As manufacturers of anilox rollers, we work in close cooperation with our customers, and are therefore aware of the range of printing-technology-related challenges involved. We would be happy to support you in your individual printing-technical projects, with a readiness to provide new approaches to dealing with the task in hand. Our application technology and R&D work reveal our passion for printing, which – coupled with our long and rich experience – is available to you in the form of the latest measuring equipment and our in-house lab facility. This document contains a selection of our printing-technology services, in order to give you an insight into what we do.

  • Coordination of colour-transfer and reproduction requirements
  • Proof copies for determining the exact transfer weight
  • Analysis designed to reduce ink consumption
  • Analysis of your rollers currently in use
  • and much else besides
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Zecher Anilox Specification Pyramid

Flexo printing has to meet a wide range of needs nowadays. Whether you are printing on foil, paper, cardboard or other substrates, the task can involve anything from intensive surface treatments, delicate fonts and artwork to work of the very finest precision – and you need to get it right every time. Our anilox rollers are customer-optimised to meet your exact needs. In order to make it easier for you to choose the right specification, we have developed our “specifications pyramid” tool to provide you with guidance in this respect. Although tailored solutions are available, you can at the same time use this tool to take advantage of the benefits of standardisation. The aim of our development and production work is to ensure predictable, reproducible print quality and the full functionality of our products in your machine.

Zecher Brochure: Specification Pyramid

Our specifications and what they mean

Screen 70, full-HD

The highest resolution available with anilox printing (70, 80 l/cm and above). Reproduction of the finest originals, with techniques that allow printing in seven colours. Full-HD engraving, which is ideally suited to all HD-plate techniques/types, allows you to print in a perfect HD quality.

Screen 60, HD-ready

HD flexo printing with anilox resolution of 60 l/cm and more. This engraving technique offers an ideal way to take your first step into the high-resolution image reproduction of the future.

Screen 54

Scalable impression and printing at up to 54 l/cm
This specification allows you to print with captivating quality and full reproducibility.

Cross 48

As a combined engraving technique, this level of specification meets your anilox printing needs with resolutions of up to 48 l/cm. This generation of rollers allows you to print in top-quality scalable and brand colours.

Cross 40

We recommend this group of specifications for jobs involving special colours and print-runs, and anilox printing at resolutions of up to 40 l/cm. This provides you with optimum entry-level access to the world of high-quality combination printing.


This flexo standard provides you with the most economic way of handling intensive surfaces, even in combination with fonts and EAN codes. This engraving quality is characterised by high densities and reliably uniform surfaces, making it ideal for use with special colours. Does your work involve high-speed jobs? The linear printing tasks involved pose no problems for our anilox rollers.


This is not just the right basis for the printing of packaging. As a conventional base, this quality of engraving offers you both high density and improved levels of opaqueness for your white prints or surface printing.

White H.I.T.

H.I.T. engraving provide you with an extra degree of white coverage. This special engraving technology uses optimised ink transfer to reduce pinholing without sacrificing any detail. It is also the right choice from an economic point of view, as it reduces ink consumption.