We help you tackle the individual challenges created by your anilox rollers, with a range of anilox accessories designed to provide optimum protection for your print rollers, both between jobs and while they are being used for their intended purpose, while reducing setup times and improving the overall efficiency of your processes. Whatever your objectives, we have the right anilox accessory for you.


Offer your anilox rollers safe protection. Our specially designed mats and sleeves provide your anilox rollers with the best possible protection against external factors. The surfaces of your anilox rollers are sensitive to mechanical damage. Choosing our protective covers and mats helps to ensure an optimum state of repair for your anilox rollers in the long term.

Type-specific solutions

The standard PVC model with Velcro closure is accompanied by a protective mat made of a flat section of PVC with plastic-foam lining. Our protective covers are made of GRP material with padding at the end. Your anilox sleeves will be particularly well-protected by our covers.

Anilox Protective Covers

Tailored protection

As our anilox rollers are made to your personal requirements, dimensions will vary in accordance with the size of your particular anilox roller. Our covers need to fit perfectly in order to provide proper protection for your anilox rollers. It is for this reason that we make all our protective covers to fit the individual dimensions of your print rollers.

Anilox Protective Sleeves


Anilox Cleaning Adapter

Observe the following points if your anilox sleeves still show signs of dirt and corrosion after being cleaned: While you are cleaning the outside of the anilox sleeve, make sure that its inner surface is properly protected. Use our sleeve-cleaning adapter to protect your anilox sleeves from avoidable damage.

Greater efficiency when carrying out sleeve-cleaning

The lateral rubber seal on the cover provides optimum dirt-protection for the interior of your anilox sleeve. The spring tension present also compensates for any expansion of the sleeve that might be caused by the temperature of the cleaning baths. However, this spring tension should only be just enough to provide an efficient seal for the cover, without subjecting any breaking strain on the sleeve. Our anilox cleaning adapters are made of solvent-resistant material in order to ensure a long service life.

Our cleaning adapters are available for any size of anilox sleeve. Just let us have the technical specifications of your particular sleeve.


How does the printer identify the anilox roller in inking unit X or in storage space Y in the warehouse? How do you avoid confusion and the unnecessary extra setup time that results? All of our anilox rollers naturally carry their own identification numbers. But are they always accessible and fully legible?
If you would like to maintain a proper overview in this respect, our smart identification system answers your questions immediately, facilitates operation and makes your printing processes far more efficient.

All the information from a single source

The modular design of our ColorTags system allows us to customise it to your individual needs. You can choose between the basic version and a custom version with extra personalisation options.

In the basic version, ColorTags are coloured markers attached to the end of the anilox sleeve or roller. The colours offer easy visual recognition, regardless of where the anilox roller might be within the printing unit. This lets you quickly identify the current set of anilox rollers in the printing machine, without wasting any time in a long search.

The custom version basically lets you decide how you want us to go about creating the visual configuration of the ColorTags. The colour-coded marking gives you information regarding, for example, engraving line-counts or pick-up volume. If you would like to combine multiple characteristics, the custom version does not impose any limits in this respect.

Rasterwalzen Zubehör ColorTags Basis


Our EasyMount assisted setup provides you with wide-ranging support, with four functions designed to improve the efficiency of the processes involved. You benefit from added protection, greater reliability, more convenience and faster speed. We supply this facility for all Fischer & Krecke and Nilpeter anilox roller sleeves.

Anilox Easy Mount Colors

Preventing damage and corrosion

If you have had unpleasant experiences with impact damage to the ceramic edge of an anilox sleeve, you will no doubt also be familiar with the resulting decrease in smoothness when it comes to sliding the anilox roller sleeve onto and off the air-actuated mandrel. The dirt and debris in the inner sleeve casing are often also the factor that allows ink, solvents or cleaning fluids to get into your anilox sleeve.

Our EasyMount setup aids are made of anodised aluminium to protect your anilox sleeves from mechanical damage to the ceramic outer edge. The anodising process provides additional protection against corrosion, and also makes the surface much less susceptible to scratches than it would be if its aluminium surface were untreated, painted or powder-coated. You only need to remove our EasyMount setup aids for the cleaning of the anilox roller outside the printing machine.

Reliable and convenient application

Our EasyMount setup assistance provides installation support, as well as an ergonomically designed recessed handle for the smooth guidance of your anilox sleeve. This likewise ensures ease of handling, while simplifying the changeover to the next printing job.

Fast changeover to the next printing job, thanks to easy identification

EasyMount setup aids are available in red, blue, green, yellow, black and aluminium colours. They provide a clear contrast for your anilox rollers, for the purposes of quick classification and roller specification.
We naturally engrave your EasyMount setup aids to indicate the serial numbers of your corresponding anilox rollers, along with their specifications and (optional) I.T.S.® surface treatment.

Anilox Easy Mount Accessory