Zecher GmbH (Germany)

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Zecher in figures

  • More than 165 employees
  • More than 65 years’ experience in the field of anilox rollers
  • Four production plants
  • Seventeen laser-engraving units, ten mechanical laser-engraving units
  • Production of around 12,000 anilox rollers annually
  • Annual turnover in excess of €22 million

Zecher Corporate Brochure

Pioniere der Rasterwalze - Zecher

The anilox roller pioneers

Zecher’s activities have always revolved around anilox rollers: After starting out with production of the world’s first routinely engraved anilox roller, we have turned into a top-quality international supplier of innovative anilox-roller solutions. Ever since the company was founded in 1948 by Kurt Zecher, we have been continuously dedicated to improving the performance of the print roller, as evidenced by our more than 65 years’ experience in the production of engraved anilox rollers.

Tailored solutions for your individual needs

If print quality is to be optimised, the anilox rollers used must be matched to your personal requirements – as this is the only way to get the best out of your printing process. We therefore provide a wide range of anilox-roller solutions and additional services, which we will be pleased to adapt to your needs. We furthermore invite you to benefit from our experience in the printing sector, as we jointly apply our applications technology to dealing with the challenges involved.

Our approach to quality

The teams based at the four production plants of our company headquarters in Paderborn (Germany), which amount to more than 165 employees, manufacture anilox rollers and corresponding sleeves for your print applications. Production takes place exclusively in Germany as part of our continuous effort to maintain our strict in-house quality standards. This translates into reliable and consistent performance for the rollers that we supply to you.

Unser Qualitätsprinzip - Zecher

Cooperation with machine manufacturers

We have for many years been working intensively with all renowned machine manufacturers and end-users in the areas of label printing, flexible packaging, offset, coating and corrugated cardboard. The fruits of this cooperation are plain to see in the convincing machine demonstrations at international trade fairs.

Von Paderbon aus in die ganze Welt

From Paderborn to the whole world

After small beginnings involving exports to Austria and Switzerland, we now have an extensive network of sales partners that continues to grow. Zecher anilox rollers are currently in use in printing machines throughout the world. With sales partners in 60 countries, we ensure that you are never far from a local point of personal contact who can also advise you and offer you support regarding your acquisition of anilox rollers. The quick way to get in touch with your contact person.


We know just what is important, and we fine-tune our day-to- day activities accordingly. We keep a constant eye on our shared core values, in order to keep fulfilling our targets a little better than before.

The environment

We make our contribution to the protection and conservation of the environment with a resource-saving approach to the use of materials and low-emission production processes. We identify potential damage scenarios in advance, and establish measures designed to prevent them.


Our employees are both our guarantee of success and our most important asset. The ongoing development and further qualification of our workforce enjoy top priority within our organisation.


Our long-term success as a company is based on the continuous improvement of all our business processes.


Customer satisfaction is the common thread running through all our day-to-day activities. Close, direct contact with our customers helps us to understand their needs even better, as we match our performance to their requirements.

Keeping to delivery times

We undertake to supply our customers with timely and reliable performance, in terms of both products and services. All of our employees focus their efforts on this obligation to ensure the punctual delivery of our products to our customers.

Economic efficiency

We measure our commercial success by the yardsticks of sustainable, positive development of profitability, along with healthy growth.


We regard our suppliers as long-term partners with whom we share common goals and business relationships.