Gama International (Italy)

Company profile

GAMA International is a worldwide solution provider of ink quality control products and other ancillary products for flexographic and gravure printing presses.
GAMA International’s solutions are sold to customers in the packaging, labels, newspapers and commercial printing markets and to manufacturers as OEM.

Products’ overview

Viscosity control and correction – Viscometers

Innovative drop-ball vibration technology (G19, G20, G26, G29, G30, G31, G32, G34, G1000)

pH control and correction

GAMA’s range of pH control and correction solutions for water-based inks include: the pH control unit G80, the pH control and correction system G81.

Ink magnetic filter G70

The series of G7 filters was studied for low and medium pressures, they are used for the filtration of fluids in various industries, in paint lines to the sector prints rotogravure or flexographic.


Ink temperature control and correction system G90 The system of control and correction of the ink temperature G90, is composed of plate heat exchangers or tube, one per color, pneumatic valves and management software.

Viscosity cups DIN 4 – ZANH 2

Aluminium and steel instrument to measure the viscosity of varnishes, lacquers, inks and adhesives. By filling the liquid at level, the emptying time is measured in seconds. This accessory can also be used for the calibration of viscometers.

PRESTOdE – Spectrodensitometer and dot measure

The PRESTO dE is the ideal tool to quickly control the quality of your printing process. It measures density, dot gain, dot area, balance and delta E2000. If you delta E is out of tolerance, check what needs to be adjusted to get closer to your reference by clicking the right key of the device.