Grafotronic (Swedish/Polish)


Hard facts

Grafotronic is a Swedish/Polish company founded in 2004, based in Europe, with sales and service centres in Chicago, Illinois, for the North and South American markets, and in Bangkok, Thailand for the South East Asian markets.

we have currently supplied over 900 machines to more than 60 countries around the world.

Today, we lead the industry in remote service and Online Support.

FUTURE SAFE Modular machines

In 2015 we redesigned all our machines and developed the 100% modular concept.

Each module is completely independent from the others. A new module can be installed in an existing machine, on site, in less than 8 hours.

Watch video about our FUTURE SAFE finishing machines


Automation 4.0

We develop and manufacture all our own hardware and write all our own software.

Together with the leading equipment manufacturers in the world we created the most modern production work flow for both digital and traditionally printed labels.

Our software team is connecting the advanced Grafotronic machines and our customers for maximum productivity from order to ready product by Automation 4.0.


Most installed Grafotronic machines are online 24/7 and are followed and supervised by our service team. By monitoring each servo motor in each machine our software detect slight changes in the machines over time. These latest remote diagnostics capabilities is part of our worldwide service concept.

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Company culture

Grafotronic is a fast growing company with a strong company culture. Our ambition is to innovate and bring new fantastic machines to the market all as a part of our modular concept.

Our large team of well educated professionals allow us to develop more, deliver faster and guarantee quality.

Watch video about our DEDICATED TEAM.