MAGPOWR Tension Control Technology

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MAGPOWR Tension Control Technology

In 1968, a small company outside of St. Louis, Missouri, called Magnetic Power Systems pioneered the use of magnetic particle torque control technology for industrial applications. For more than 45 years, MAGPOWR has led the industry by engineering controls, sensors, and torque devices for all types of magnetic particle tension control applications that consistently deliver results.

Tension and Torque Controls

Choose Versatec for Unwind and Rewind Ultrasonic, Dancer, Free Loop or Ranger Applications. Spyder Plus when cost and space are your primary concerns. And Cygnus when you want the industry’s most…

Load Cells

MAGPOWR Load Cells are extremely accurate devices used to indicate tension in all types of unwinds, rewinds and intermediate web processing. Each load cell is ruggedly constructed with built-in…

Tension Readouts and Amplifiers 

Digital readouts and tension amplifiers for tension control in any application

CSR Tension Sensing Idler Roll

Tension Sensing Idler Rolls

When installed in place of a standard dead shaft idler roller, the MAGPOWR Tension Sensing Idler Rolls deliver precise web tension measurement.

Position and Diameter Sensors

Measure the diameter of the roll and allow your core and full roll alarms to be adjusted to give your operator proper notification before reaching the end of the roll.

Magnetic Particle Clutches and Brakes

Magnetic Particle brakes and clutches utilize the latest materials and components, modern CNC manufacturing techniques and a sleek design, making them the first choice of engineers designing…

HEB250 High Efficiency Brake 

The MAGPOWR HEB250 pneumatic tension control brake packs many powerful features into a compact design. Ideal for the demands of general converting and corrugating operations, the HEB produces…

The original Perma-Tork brake from MAGPOWR

Perma-Tork Permanent Magnet Clutches and Brakes

Smooth, precise control is the objective of all clutches and brakes, but few achieve one—never mind both—of these goals. MAGPOWR’s innovative Perma-Tork® permanent magnet clutches are capable of…