Your anilox rollers need to withstand various external factors in the course of the printing process. We supply various surface finishes designed to ensure that you will be able to benefit from the high quality of our anilox rollers for a long time to come. Our I.T.S.® (Invisible Treatment System) finish also provides an optimised emptying procedure that lets you considerably improve the performance of your print rollers.

Anilox I.T.S. Surface Finishing


Our I.T.S.® brand stands for a completely new production technology for surface finishing that is suitable for both conventional chrome rollers and their laser-engraved ceramic counterparts. The “I in “I.T.S.®” refers to the invisibility of the roller coating.

Anilox I.T.S. Surface Finishing

How I.T.S.® works

Our I.T.S.® surface finish alters the molecular structure of the ceramic material to make it more dense. It is not a coating or sealing process, but is based rather on a special plasma-technology vacuum procedure that acts on the structure of the chrome or ceramic layer to create certain surface properties.

This delivers decisive benefits for your anilox rollers, including:

  • Lower printing-ink penetration
  • Better emptying performance
  • Easier cleaning
  • Increased service life, even for chrome rollers

An investment that pays off over the entire life of the roller

Our surface treatment reduces ink contamination from the outset by acting on the suction capacity of the ceramic layer. I.T.S.®-treated rollers therefore have a longer service life, with improved emptying performance and considerably easier cleaning. This latter point applies in particular to ceramic rollers used in conjunction with water-based and 2K inking systems. This finish, which is invisible to light microscopy, does not wear out or become detached, and cannot be removed by the action of external factors.


A protective shield for your aluminium rollers

It is unfortunately not possible to avoid all the external factors that are likely to affect your anilox rollers. Your print rollers therefore need the best-possible protection to ensure the long-term quality of your printing results. A history of ever-increasing demand for optimised corrosion-prevention systems has prompted us to carry out intensive development work in this area. The result is an innovative coating that allows you to protect your anilox rollers from avoidable corrosion damage.

Our process

For sections of the anilox roller which are sensitive to corrosion, we use a special spraying process with a 2-component coating system in a defined coating thickness which has a very high chemical resistance to corrosive media and abrasion. Furthermore, a lightweight, repellent coated surface is formed through a balanced coating matrix with special filler particles. This means the coated component areas have a reduced adhesion and therefore an improved cleaning behaviour.

The epoxy resin hardener system which we use for this is a temperature and chemical resistant coating also provides your anilox rollers with a high level of corrosion and abrasion protection on a wide variety of substrates, even in extremely aggressive environments.

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