Fife Web Guiding Systems and Equipment

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Fife Web Guiding Systems and Equipment

In 1939, Irwin Fife invented the first web guide in his Garage in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, solving a newspaper owner’s challenge of keeping paper aligned in his high-speed newspaper press. Irwin valued innovation, hard work and reliability in every web guide he produced. More than 75 years later, we still hold true to these values and continue to design and engineer truly innovative Fife web guiding systems every day.

Web Guiding Systems

Web Guide Controllers

The web guide controller is the heart of the electronic guiding system. Fife CE-compliant controllers provide you the control you need to operate effectively and efficiently. When combined with…


Fife offers a full line of web guiding sensors that meet the most stringent application requirements. We design all our electronic diameter sensors for compatibility, making sensor changes quick…

Offset Pivot Web Guides

An Offset Pivot Guide (OPG) is a displacement-type guide which provides web position correction with minimum entry and exit span requirements. Designed with parallel rollers, the guide pivots such…

Steering Guide Systems

These guides are ideal for steering oven exit or conveyor type applications and best used with long entry spans.
Available for a wide variety of web widths, from the narrowest of webs to 200…


Actuators are the thrust behind all web guiding applications. From unwind to rewind, whether manipulating a guide structure, positioning a sensor, or chasing equipment and/or webs; the thrust,…

Hydraulic Systems 

Fife power units are designed for web guiding systems. They are suitable for most web materials and load requirements.
Two basic types of power units are provided: pneumohydraulic and…


The remote positioning of sensors and other devices saves time, reduces waste, improves accuracy, and eliminates potential injuries and damage. Fife offers many different positioner assemblies,…

Unwind/Rewind Stands

Fife developed the Shifta-Roll stand to accommodate or replace many existing roll stands that would not lend themselves to the application of automatic guiding equipment. All Fife Shifta-Roll…

Inspection Systems

Fife VEO 700- Video Enhanced Observation

The Fife VEO 700 is our advanced system offering in video-assisted moving-web monitoring inspection.

The VEO 700 uses a camera system with integrated LED strobe lighting, timed to your…

VEO 600- Video Enhanced Observation

Fife VEO 600- Video Enhanced Observation

The Fife VEO 600 is a low cost, compact and easy to install and use video-assisted moving-web monitoring inspection system.

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