If you are looking for the best printing results based on processes that are as cost-effective as possible, you need fault-free anilox rollers. Our roller-analysis services give you the insight that you need in order to know exactly what your printing rollers are currently capable of. We apply the latest measuring procedures to determine the state of your anilox rollers and give you the best possible assessment. And if the analysis should reveal below-par roller performance, we will find the right solution for you.

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Drucktechnik Zustandsanalyse

Our trained experts carry out a comprehensive analysis to examine the body of your anilox roller and assess its engraving. This rigorous examination of your anilox roller includes an inspection of its mechanical characteristics and a high-resolution microscopic analysis of its engraving. We also use thoroughly tried-and-trusted methods such as MicroDynamics or AniCAM to measure the theoretical pick-up volume of your print roller. The results so obtained allow us to supply you with recommendations regarding your rollers used to date, with a view to improving your printing performance.
If you would also like to know the effect that deep-cleaning is likely to have on your anilox rollers, we can test them for you accordingly. We do this by recording the pick-up volume both before and after cleaning, and evaluating the results on your behalf.


Are you looking for an easy way to obtain a qualified analysis of the state of your anilox rollers? Then send us a “fingerprint” of your anilox roller. Our AniloxStrips method allows us to analyse your anilox rollers, normally without you having to remove them or send them in to us or worry about the time and cost involved.

How AniloxStrips work

The attachment of these self-adhesive test strips at three different places on your roller creates a snapshot of its surface structure. The actual measuring field consists of a round window of white Mylar foil within the section of adhesive tape. A small box is used to press the metal foil material down at the corresponding point on the surface of the roller. The image so produced gives an overall impression of the engraved surface structure, for subsequent microscopic measurement and evaluation. The strips are then stuck to a form and sent in to our head office in Paderborn, Germany.

Remote diagnosis of your anilox rollers

Despite the uncomplicated nature of the procedure, it provides you with a comprehensive and precise evaluation. Our modern laboratory in Paderborn is equipped with powerful microscopes, which supply the exact measurements that our work requires. The precisely measured factors include halftone range, angle and web width, etc. Maximum magnification of 1000x allows us to provide a detailed assessment, even with very fine engraving. We can also produce, along with a high-resolution representation of the surface structure, a three-dimensional image of the surface of the roller that recreates for you, in almost perfect detail, the structure of the engraving.

Drucktechnik Zustandsanalyse AniloxStrips
Drucktechnik Zustandsanalyse AniloxStrips

The AniloxStrip and its wide range of possible applications

If you are ordering anilox rollers from Zecher for the first time, and do not know the characteristics of the rollers that you have used to date, use our AniloxStrips to reveal the properties of the rollers concerned. This will help ensure that your first order from Zecher delivers reliable printing results. Many of our customers also used the AniloxStrip procedure to obtain a status overview of their entire stock of anilox rollers. Regular inspection allows you to evaluate better the wear processes to which your rollers our subject, thereby letting you plan possible replacement of rollers well in advance. The early detection of worn rollers likewise often leads to the discovery of solutions that are more cost-effective than total replacement. Talk to us. We will be happy to advise you regarding our comprehensive range of services.


Our tried-and-tested measuring procedures allow us to determine, in the shortest possible time, both the engraving volume and the general state of repair of your anilox rollers. You will know whether your rollers need to be cleaned, and learn of any apparent signs of wear.

Our VoluCheck procedure

We place a measuring spot on your roller, and transfer the result to paper. We read the spot with a scanning device and save the image as a bitmap (*.bmp) file. A simple mouse-click is then sufficient to determine the volume of your roller. We can use several measuring spots to allow us, for example, to carry out three right-hand and three left-hand measurements of your roller at the same time. The resulting evaluation quickly gives us an assessment of the state of repair of your anilox roller and a calculation of its volume.

Drucktechnik Zustandsanalyse VoluCheck
Drucktechnik Zustandsanalyse VoluCheck