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Security Printing Ink and Brand Protection in Malaysia

Luminescence Security Inks

LUMINESCENCE manufacture security and specialist printing inks for customers in over 100 countries.

Our focus is on innovating new security ink solutions for authorised printers, governments and financial institutions. These systems are based on years of expertise in ink and printing systems. We have the knowledge to secure the inks you use everyday.

LUMINESCENCE manufactures security inks suitable for offset, intaglio, flexo, gravure, screen, numbering and inkjet processes. Most of our inks are custom-made to meet the customer’s exact technical requirements and preferred drying process. Luminescence has:

Full ISO9001 : 2008 certification
ISO 9001 certificate
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Full ISO14001 : 2004 certification
ISO 14001 certificate
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Full ISO27001 : 2013 certification
ISO 27001 certificate
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Luminescence ProductsLUMINESCENCE produce a wide-range of security inks to protect documents and products from alteration and counterfeiting, these include:• UV Fluorescent inks

Optically variable inks    

Metameric Optically Variable Inks    

• Iridescent inks

Machine-readable inks and taggants    

• Infrared upconverting Inks

• Infrared visible (absorbing) & invisible (non-absorbing) Inks

• Photochromic inks

• Thermochromic inks

Tri-thermochromic inks    

• Chemical reactive inks to prevent alteration

• Chemical reactive inks to authenticate (pen reactive)

• Aquafuge (water reactive) inks

• DNA encoded inks

• Polyfast inks for lamination on polycarbonate

• Tri-Fluorescent inks (three distinct colours in different light frequencies)

QFX inks (four distinct colours in different light frequencies)  • Metameric inks • Coin reactive inks • Penetrating inks • Magnetic inks • Conductive inks • Fire and Ice ink  Inkjet security inks    

Many of the above features can be combined to give multiple features in a single ink and others can be individually developed to the customer’s requirements.

We also manufacture Security Threads for binding passports in a range of visible and UV fluorescent colours.