Our SteppedHex aniloxtechnology is characterised by its special, uniquely offset cell-geometry arrangement. This innovative engraving structure is now a registered design subject to German patent protection. It is based on the familiar 60° angle, but with a combination of three consecutively arranged conventional anilox cells to constitute an alternative engraving format. In order to let you take full advantage of our open SteppedHex anilox engraving, we have carefully matched the levels of resolution (in L/cm) to the corresponding range of volumes and application.

Optimising your printing performance

  • Increased resolution without loss of volume
  • Improved drainage performance
  • Uniform and homogeneous ink-transfer
  • Suitable for all inking systems

Our SteppedHex anilox engraving lets you benefit from improved lining of your anilox rollers, without any significant loss of volume during printing. Quiet running of your doctor blade on the surface of the anilox roller is likewise supported by this technology. Our SteppedHex rollers are characterised in particular by their specially offset engraving, which creates optimum conditions in the printing nip. Easy cleaning of your anilox rollers can have a marked influence on your printing performance.

The unique cellular format and radial layout of SteppedHex anilox engraving help the anilox cells to drain more efficiently, thereby making the roller easier to clean, especially if your printing machine is fitted with an automatic washing device. But this is not enough: The carefully matched levels of resolution (in L/cm) and the specific amount of offset provide you with defined, optimum support for your printing process, even when combined with a finer pattern.

SteppedHex anilox rollers and their areas of application

Is our anilox technology also suitable for your area of application? Its ink-transfer performance, which is enhanced by the cell design, allows you to use the procedure with any inking system. The transfer of white, gold and silver printing ink, together with lacquer and other special coatings, is particularly uniform and homogeneous. We will be pleased to advise you regarding special printing applications, and find a jointly acceptable anilox roller solution for your needs.


Zecher Brochure: SteppedHex Engraving