Flexo Wash Asia Sdn Bhd

About Us

The Company Flexo Wash

More than 20 years of experience in the industry

Flexo Wash was founded in 1991 by an inventive Danish label printer who faced the increased requirements for improved print quality as well as a safe and efficient production.

Through constant development Flexo Wash now offers a large variety of cleaning equipment for all sectors of the industry.

Since then Flexo Wash has grown into a worldwide company with headquarter in Denmark and divisions in the UK, France, USA and Malaysia.

Flexo Wash is represented in all parts of the world through a long range of local sales agents and distributors.

We also have in house facility to cater your on-demand / ad-hoc needs for washing your anilox rolls.

The Flexo Wash Mission

We want to improve the world’s printing quality!

The mission of Flexo Wash is successfully developing innovative and high quality cleaning equipment to satisfy needs of flexo and gravure printers worldwide, contributing to an improved print quality, high productivity and a healthy environment.


100% Automatic Cleaning Units

Through constant innovation and development Flexo Wash today distributes a diverse line of highly advanced cleaning equipment around the world.

A wide network of subsidiaries and distributors makes Flexo Wash the world’s leader of flexographic and converter cleaning equipment.

The Flexo Wash product line will clean all types of press parts from anilox rolls to ink trays, plates and doctor blades etc., using environmentally friendly cleaning liquids and thus leaving the parts totally clean and ready for immediate reuse after just a few minutes of cleaning.

The result is an improved print quality extended lifetime of the press parts, fewer print stops and a quicker change over time on the printing press. By reducing the press downtime and the costly labour involved in cleaning your company willsave money.

The quick process makes it possible to keep the parts clean at all times allowing operators to focus on press make-ready functions instead of cleaning.


Fully customized solutions.

Flexo Wash offers a large variety of cleaning equipment to meet every cleaning need within the flexographic industry, no matter which types or sizes of printing press or ink type.

Flexo Wash has been redefining anilox roll cleaning from Day One.
The fully automated system will clean all types and sizes of anilox and gravure rolls in just ten to twenty minutes recovering the cell volume completely leaving the rolls ready for immediate use.

For the daily cleaning of press parts the Flexo Wash product range consist of standard washers that meet the most general cleaning needs and special parts washers that are customized to the specific printing press or print shop.
All Flexo Wash machines are constructed of high quality stainless steel and are designed to be put through the hardest day of production with many years of service.

As Flexo Wash focuses on a healthy environment we supply water-based, eco-friendly cleaning liquids, which are recirculated in all Flexo Wash units.
Furthermore we have a selection of equipment for wastewater treatment.