Aseptic Packaging Material

AP 22



  • Aseptic Packaging Industry

Machine description

Maximum productivity and best price-performance ratio guaranteed

The AP 22 is the ideal slitter rewinder for the aseptic packaging industry offering maximum productivity and best price-performance ratio. More than 120 machines have already been built which turns the AP 22 into a long-lasting success story.

Discover the advantages of AP 22

  • Mother roll weight up to 3,500 kg
  • Allows minimum slitting width of 120 mm
  • Stop time between two sets of subsequent finished reels can be as short as 2 minutes
  • Single-shaft center-driven rewinding concept with idle lay-on roller mounted on a hinged structure that lifts upwards following the growing diameter of the rewinding rolls
  • Automatic unloading system for finished rolls and fully automatic conveyor system on customer request
  • AP 22 is also available on request as oil-free totally electrical version (no hydraulic functions)
  • Complete automatic version on customer’s request

AP 22 offers top winding quality at a working width of up to 1,650 mm, a rewind diameter of up to 1,800 mm and an unwind diameter of up to 2,000 mm. The unique slitting concept guarantees outstanding roll separation. The AP 22 enables conversion speeds of up to 1,000 m/min. All machines of this series work with a single-shaft center-driven winding concept equipped with an idle lay-on roller. They can be used as bi-directional inspection rewinders for repairing telescoped or damaged rolls as well as for detecting defections.

Additional features of AP 22 and modular configuration to meet customer needs

GOEBEL IMS offers a wide range of equipment options with many different automation features. Thanks to its ergonomic and flexible design, the AP 22 can be adapted to individual customer needs and specific requirements with a large choice of options. The fully-automatic version AP 22 is available with a variety of additional features among others a handling and conveyor system for improved unloading and transport of the rolls to increase the productivity and efficiency of the production process.

AP 22 can also be equipped with a customized splice table, automatic knife positioning, double unwinder.