Daetwyler SwissTec (Switzerland)

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About us


Daetwyler SwissTec is the global market leader for coated and uncoated, precision doctor blades.
Our MDC doctor blades are unique in terms of quality and performance!

Our own research and development department is committed to the continuous improvement of all products and their properties, which we adapt to the needs of our customers. This not only ensures the development of the latest products, but also internal quality control.

In combination with our many years of experience, an R&D Department and a global sales network, we offer our customers cutting-edge products, technical advice and services around the globe.


Daetwyler SwissTec is an innovative provider of high-quality doctor blade types for every printing application and various other consumables for the printing industry.

We can draw on decades of experience, which is helpful for the development of new products.

Our product portfolio is under continuous review in order to meet market and customer requirements. This requires an inspection process and tests, which are carried out by our own materials specialists. Each product is subjected to demanding tests by the manufacturing process up its final release to ensure that all ISO 9001 quality standards are met.


Daetwyler SwissTec is environmentally aware. We focus on the use of the latest technologies and the identification of new materials and chemicals that have a low impact on the environment both during and subsequent to their use.

Wherever possible, materials are recycled, parts are reprocessed and reused to reduce the amount of waste.

The motivation and skills of our employees is a top priority. That is why we focus on maintaining and continuing to promote this corporate philosophy to ensure that it benefits everyone. As a result, we can count on loyal, motivated and competent staff, a large part of whom have been loyal to the company for many years and even for several decades.