Doctor Blades (Flexo)


  • High reliability due to the very hard base coating
  • Extremely high service life with solvent-based inks
  • Very gentle on anilox roller thanks to additional soft coating
  • Suitable for very abrasive inks and lacquers
  • Consistently high print quality and short running-in period
  • Corrosion protection


  • The product for the corrugated cardboard industry
  • For very long runs in conjunction with water based inks
  • Very short running-in period thanks to soft coating
  • 100% corrosion resistant


  • Our bestseller for decades
  • An all-rounder for every printing application
  • Very high service life in continuous printing
  • Reduces drag outs, streaks and hazing in gravure printing


  • Alternative product to the LONGLIFE for average order sizes
  • Short running-in periods thanks to the special coating
  • Reduces score lines on the ceramic roller
  • Corrosion protection


  • Our proven flexo printing product worldwide
  • Solvents and water-based inks are the product’s area of application
  • Surfaces are protected thanks to the soft coating
  • Reduces score lines on the ceramic roller
  • Corrosion protection


  • Corrosion resistant
  • Especially suitable for water based inks, lacquers and other substrates with high pH values
  • Increased service life compared to standard blades


  • High quality European steel
  • The specially polished blade guarantees smooth and sharp doctoring
  • Available in all configurations