Narrow Web Products


Flexo Wash produces all kinds of cleaning equipment for the printing industry. No matter whether you want to clean your aniloxes, cylinders, sleeves, ink trays etc.Flexo Wash has a solution for it!

Our narrow web products are made especially for label printers etc. with a printing width of max 800 mm. and can be customized to fit all parts from the different press manufactures.

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Anilox Roll Cleaning 

The fully automatic FW Anilox Roll Cleaners are designed to deep clean/restore anilox rolls.

The quick and gentle cleaning process leaves the anilox rolls totally clean and ready for immediate use after just 10-20 minutes cleaning without causing any wear or tear on rolls.
This makes it possible to keep your anilox rolls totally clean at all times ensuring a constant and high print quality and a long life time of the anilox rolls. The machines clean all ink types.

Parts Washing

The fully automatic parts washing units are designed to wash ink trays, doctor blades, rolls and other removable press parts used with water-, alcohol-based or UV inks.

The quick and easy wash operation allows press operators to focus on press make-ready functions and thus reducing the changeover time and the labour involved in washing.

This results in reduced down time, constant print quality and a safe and healthy cleaning and working environment.

The Flexo Wash parts washers come in different sizes and designs. Various applications are possible.

NEW MODEL – PK 200 TrolleyLoad:

The fully automatic washing units are designed for easy handling of press parts. The unit is equipped with two trolleys, which makes the handling of parts even easier!

Simply place the press parts on the trolley at the press. Drive the trolley to the washing machine and push the grid into the machine. It is possible to wash doctor blade chambers, ink trays and other removable press parts.

The TopLoad and TrolleyLoad Parts Washers are made in three different versions:

Wash: The parts are washed. After wash the cleaning liquid runs back to the tank for re-use.

Wash & Rinse Open: The parts are washed and rinsed. After wash the cleaning liquid runs back to the tank for re-use. The units have an open rinse system with fresh water, that is led to the drain.

Wash & Rinse: The parts are washed and rinsed. After wash the cleaning liquid runs back to the tank for re-use. The units have a closed circuit rinse system where the rinse liquid is recirculated from a separate build-in tank. No drainage is required with this system.

Custom Built: The wash area of all Part Washers can be customized to meet the specific needs of every customer.

This means that the wash area of the parts washer will be custom-built according to the specific press parts and cleaning needs of every customer, ensuring a targeted and extremely efficient cleaning of the various press parts.

Among other options the wash area can be featured with special holders for i.e. trays and doctor blades. Also the use of rotating nozzles and flexible nozzles can be customized to make the cleaning process as effective as possible.

We produce special units for the different types of printing machines.


The fully automatic Filtration system is designed to filtrate ink particles from Flexo Wash UV/Solvent Cleaners.

In this way the liquid can be reused over and over again!

The filtration system can easily be connected to the Flexo Wash parts washers. Press Automatic on the filtration system and liquid from the wash tank on the parts washer will automatically be pumped into the filtration unit. The dirty liquid is pumped through powder and a special filter that separates the ink particles from the liquid. When the filtration ends the filtered liquid is automatically pumped back to the parts washer for reuse.

It takes approx. 30 minutes to filtrate 30 L of liquid – time depends on how dirty the liquid is.

Plate Washing 

Flexo Wash offers a variety of equipment for cleaning of plates.

All models will wash the polymer plates or letterpress plates within only a few minutes, and the unique design and function makes the washing extremely gentle which causes no damage to the plates.

The machine is very easy to use for the operators who save a lot of costly time when washing the plates.

The Plate Washers are made in Two Versions:
PW 45 & 82: This PW Plate Wash machine from Flexo Wash is a fully automatic system that together with a conveyer belt makes the washing of plates easier than ever before.

Rotary Screen Washing by Flexo Wash

This unit is specially designed to clean rotary screen cylinders from machines using UV-drying screen inks.

The screen cylinders are placed on holders which rotate 30-60 times per minute. A number of jets are spraying on the screen from both the inside and outside of the screen ensuring a thorough cleaning.

The Screen Wash units are found in two models:
PK 92: The unit operates with an air-driven pump and is made for 2-4 rotary screens depending on size.

PK 92-1: The unit is made for cleaning of 1 screen. It has a dip tank for rinse of the screen. A cost-efficient solution.

PK Screen Wash1

Cleaning Liquids by Flexo Wash

ECO-friendly cleaning liquids for all ink types.

All Flexo Wash machines use Eco-friendly water-based cleaning liquids. The liquids are recirculated, minimizing the use of liquids.

The Water-based and environmentally friendly cleaning liquids are supplied by Flexo Wash. These liquids have been specially developed to our machines and help maintaining the highest cleaning quality.