Our Services

BOBST has developed a complete range of high end services for you. Everything you need to keep your equipment in the best condition, to maintain optimum production levels, to expand your equipment’s capacity and increase your technological and industrial expertise.

Beyond parts and maintenance

Today’s packaging manufacturers demand much more from their suppliers’ service operations than just spare parts and the availability of on-call technicians. With increasing pressure to maximize the investment they have made in equipment and systems, they now expect suppliers to offer service level agreements, in-depth inspection services and machine upgrades, remote diagnostics and monitoring, training courses and specialist production process improvement advice – all of which BOBST has pioneered as part of its drive to become the benchmark for services in the packaging industry.

To ensure first-class quality of service, BOBST has highly trained employees. In total our technical department receives more than 8’000 days worth of training each year. This ensures that all our team from field technicians to process specialists have the right skills to perform BOBST services.

Without BOBST Service Solutions, customers’ machine performance decreases rapidly over time. This is why we have developed three programs: BOBST “Maintenance Solutions“, “Boost my BOBST” and “Expert Services