Tecscan Electronics (United Kingdom)


Pioneers of Print Inspection

Tecscan is a specialist manufacturer of video web inspection systems for printing presses, with 30 years of experience.


Tecscan’s award winning range of of video web inspection systems has been continually developed to ensure the best possible image quality, controls and information transmitted to the operator, while tailoring the options available for specific industry needs. As well as our standard video web inspection systems, which can be upgraded with a variety of extras to meet your production needs, we manufacture specialist equipment for inspecting cold seal registration, holograms and corrugated products.

To read more about each of our systems, please see below.


Series 4 CS1/2, the most advanced low cost video web inspection system available on today’s market. The system includes features such as split screen and a label check facility which is unique to our systems, enabling automatic 100% repeat length monitoring. CS1 on Digital Label Press,  to see our CS1 monitoring labels with variable data and updating at every label, view this video of one of our clients’ HP Indigo digital press.

Please click the image to open the video.


The Series 5 CS3/4 systems are the ultimate in passive video web inspection with high resolution, user friendly control and many unique features. These systems assist the operator to achieve a higher standard of quality at higher speed press runs than any other passive video system, with minimum waste and faster make-ready times.

Cold Seal Inspection System

Tecscan’s Cold Seal Registration Inspection System has earned a FlexoTech award for taking the guesswork out of cold seal registration.

The unique video system produces an onscreen transparent effect showing the actual cold seal from one side, and the print from the other, allowing the operator to view “in register” and to run at maximum production speeds.


 The WEBRANGER is a unique system devoted to the analysis, measurement and control of repeat (pitch) length and substrate variation on the run. Accurate to within 0.1 mm per metre the system produces printed reel or job reports.

 Board Watcher

The Board Watcher uses the latest video inspection technology for inspection and monitoring, ensuring quality and the integrity of many of the facets associated with corrugated products.

VIDEO 1 shows the Board Watcher in operation on a press.

VIDEO 2 shows the Board Watching detecting a failed board.

AVIS Series

The AVIS system is an Advanced Video Inspection System which substantially increases quality and consistency. The system is synchronised to the repeat length. The image position and zoom can be adjusted using operator friendly on-screen controls.

See the AVIS in operation on a press here [CLICK FOR VIDEO]