• Constant lamellar thickness allows even doctoring of the chrome cylinder
  • Tonal values maintained during the wear process
  • Burr-free, specially polished laminated contact zone allows streak-free printing
Products with this configuration:


  • Specially designed for high speed applications with the best possible print results
  • Low blade wear
  • Fewer machine downtimes
  • Less ink spitting
  • Optimized colour output and less wear of anilox rollers
Products with this configuration:


  • Increased stiffness – less blade wear
  • Available in various bevel configuration (see product)
  • Narrow contact zone allows for clean, sharp doctoring
Products with this configuration:


  • 3°-Multiblade, greater stability, lower bending at high pressure
  • Narrow blade contact zone reduces hazing
Products with this configuration:


  • Reduces or eliminates ink spitting
  • Improved stability through increased material thickness
  • Suitable for high-viscosity inks
  • Thinner blade allows for clean and constant doctoring
Products with this configuration:

Short-Tip 2°

  • Extremely short running-in period
  • Especially good halftone printout
  • Excellent against streak formation, toning and leaking
Products with this configuration:


  • Reduces or eliminates blade-vibration streaks
  • Guaranteed even and clean doctoring
  • Compensates for vibration streaks on older machines
  • Reduces pressure plate vibration streaks on high-speed machines

 Products with this configuration: